Contoh Teks Perkenalan diri dengan Bahasa inggris

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Om Suastyastu,

Setelah sekian lama saya menghilang dari beradaban dan sekarang saya muncul dipermukaan dengan bulu yang berterbangan dan akhirnya saya dapat membagikan apa yang saya rasakan di neraka para pelajar dimana kamu bebas tapi surgamu jadi taruhannya, ketika saya menikmati air yang terus mengalir saya melupakan pencemaran yang terus mengerogoti, hahaha curhatan anak kuliahan baik dari pada banyak omong kita back to topic yaitu cara Memperkenalkan diri dengan bahasa inggris contohnya yaitu :

Om Suastyastu,

Hai Friends, I want to share a story with you and from the many interesting stories in this world i will tell about my life and my family,  I guarantee you will not be bored with this story because this story only experienced by me. 

Before that I want to introduce myself. My name is I Gede Arya Surya Gita. My nickname is Gede or Arya, so my nickname is Gede Arya. I come from village of Rama Nirwana 1, subdistrict of Seputih Raman, district of Lampung Tengah, Lampung province, and certainly in NKRI. I’m Indonesian citizens as well as my family.  

I was Studying in State Politechnic of Lampung, program study Information Manajement semester 3. I’m now nineteen years old.

I really like drawing sketch, and painting. Because when I drawing i fell the serenity and high concentration and I never fell any burden when drawing. Because now I move into IT field, I conbine drawing with IT into graphic design. although the design I made is not great, but I always remember the words of a youtuber that is “As good as the design there must be do not like and the bad design there must have be a likes, so why afaid to work.

I am first child of three, I have two brothers their name are I Gede Made and I Gusti Komang. Unfortunately I do not have a sister, so the jobs like sweeping the house and other that are more suitable to be done by women i have to do. My younger brother I Gede Made now is Senior High School class 3 and his age now seventeen years old. My youngest brother now still Elementary School class 1 and his age now five years old . 

My family is a simple family, my father is a farmer and my mother is a farmer too. My mom and dad are very diligent. My mother always wakes up at five in the morning to prepare breakfast and My father helps her. My father is very expert in cooking especially the cuisine with Balinese spices. My father and mother usualy if the rice season, in the morning at 7 o’clock they had go to rice fields and come home for lunch and rest, after they finished their rest to the fields again and come home in the afternoon usually at 5 o’clock and at night is a free time with family. Being a farmer is not a busy thing, even My family also raises cows and pigs, even My father now also farm while beiing a constrution worker and mybe just a certain tle to the fields.

If weekend I help my brother to find grass for cow food and help clean the house. I also help My parent if they need help. Because My parent are farmers Sturdays and Sundays like a normal day, nothing special with those days. Although at home doing the same thing continues but for me the house is a place that not be replaced.
Om Santi, Santi, Santi Om

sekian dari saya wait new post from me to you
dan jika ada kesalahan saya mohon maaf ya.

Om Santi, Santi, Santi Om.

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